About Sacramento Metal Arts Guild

Sacramento’s Premier Metal Arts Guild created by Scout Handford, Founder and Molly Brown, Co-founder May 26th 2010. First meeting for the

Sun and Soil is at Insight Coffee Roasters!

Sun and Soil Juice is popping up at at Insight Coffee Roasters! Stop by and grab some fresh, organic juice!

Capitol Cafe:  1014 10th St (Between J & K)   11am – 1:30pm (every Tues / Thurs)

Pavilions Cafe:   566 Pavilions Lane, Sacramento    12pm – 3pm (Saturdays)

Insight Capitol

1 Day Cleanse $50 + $12 Refundable Bottle Deposit

Sun and Soil Juice Company 1 Day Cleanse

Sun and Soil Juice Company 1 Day Cleanse

The best cleanse pick-up days are Wednesday, Friday and Sunday mornings. Please call and reserve your cleanse a couple of days in advance or come in to the store to see if we have the juices in stock. You can also buy multiple cleanses for multiple days.

We will start taking cleanse orders November 1st for the 2015 New Year

Thanks! 916.341.0327

1912 P street, Sacramento CA

Now Serving our Fall Flavors… PUMPKIN SPICE!

AND……….. The Pumpkin Spice!! We made a bunch! Come in and grab one before they sell out. 916.341.0327

• Pumpkin • Coconut Milk • Ginger • Pumpkin Spices •
Also available with cold-brew coffee added.

Real Pumpkin…….. Real GOOD!! All Organic.

Pumpkin Spice