3-Day Juice Cleanse (s)
3-Day Juice Cleanse (s)
3-Day Juice Cleanse (s)
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3-Day Juice Cleanse (s)

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This 3-day cleanse package includes our Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced cleanses.  This cleanse package is great for minimizing your sugar intake, by decreasing the amount of sugar from fruit in each juice day-by-day.

Recommended if you have completed a juice cleanse in the past.

Our Organic Cold-Pressed juice is made, mixed and bottled in-house by our dedicated Sun & Soil family.  This level of craftsmanship requires 3 days notice since it takes a day to order fresh produce and once received, it takes another full day to prep, press, mix, and bottle our Pure Organic Love.  

Our production days are Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  

The 3-day cleanse includes:

BEGINNER CLEANSE: Lemon Snap, Beta Boom, Sweet Green, Beauty & the Beet, Green Queen & V for Vanilla. (approx. 920 calories)
INTERMEDIATE CLEANSE: Lemon Snap, Beta Boom, Revive'n Romaine, Field of Greens, Green Queen & Enchanted Forest Tea. (approx. 540 calories)
ADVANCED CLEANSE: Lemon Snap, Revive'n Romaine X2, Field of Greens, Green King & Herbal Remedy Tea. (approx. 500 calories)

The price of the 3-day cleanse includes our refundable bottle fee, for a total of $36 ($2 per bottle). Upon completion of your cleanse, simply rinse, return and receive $2 back on each bottle.