Intermediate Juice Cleanse
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Intermediate Juice Cleanse

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INTERMEDIATE CLEANSE: *Lemon Snap, *Sweet Green, *Field of Greens, *Green Queen, *Green King, & *Enchanted Forest Tea. (approx. 540 calories) *Organic Ingredients (approx. 540 calories)

NOTE: *Please leave your pick up date in the note section when making your order.*  We need 3 days advanced notice to reserve juice cleanses.

Cleanses are available for pick up on Wednesday and Saturday. 

Our Cold-Pressed juice is made, mixed and bottled in-house by our dedicated Sun & Soil family.  This level of craftsmanship requires 3 days notice since it takes a day to order fresh produce and once received, it takes another full day to prep, press, mix, and bottle.  

Price includes a $12 refundable bottle deposit. Just rinse, return and receive $2 back per bottle.